The Consultation for Chronique Conditions

What to expect

I practice personalized nutrition based on the model of functional medicine and the latest scientific evidence applied in collaboration with you to achieve your health goals.


Before the consultation, a health questionnaire and a 4-day food diary must be completed. The initial consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes with analysis of the pre-filled health questionnaire, detailed health history taken and establishment of health goals and objectives.


There will be a discussion on nutritional recommendations, recommended laboratory functional tests (additional cost) and recommendations on supplementation, if applicable. We will discuss a nutritional plan that you think you can implement and I will send you a full report in the days following our meeting.


A follow-up is strongly recommended each 4-6 weeks of approximately 45 minutes/1hr to follow your progress, adjust and refine the nutritional plan to best meet your needs, take into account any changes in your health since the last time we met and to measure your progress against your health goals and objectives.


Assistance by email is provided between consultations.


Coaching, motivation and support techniques will be incorporated into the consultations if necessary.


Consultations can take place in person at the clinic address or by Skype or Zoom. Quotes can be provided for tailor-made programs.