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Personalized nutrition for your biochemistry

I work from my office in the thermal village of Vernet-Les-Bains or at your home by internet with Zoom or Skype. I work in English or French.


Nutrition Therapy is a personalized approach to nutrition and lifestyle that takes into account family history and your medical history. It is an approach that can be effective for everyone but is especially so in complex cases. It's a journey of discovery: discover how your biochemistry works, discover any imbalances or functional deficiencies through laboratory testing, then we work to find the approaches that suit you and that you can maintain.


It is a medium to long-term strategy in which we try to identify and address the root cause of your health problems.


Tiffany works alongside your other healthcare professionals, such as your general practitioner, and will need your permission to contact them. All personal details are kept securely in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.



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